Hulsta Rosewood Lounge Wall

A stunning piece of modular cabinetry that carries an imposition of almost architectural proportions. Created by the renowned German furniture manufacturer Hulsta, this bank of wall units spans 5 meters and is made up of 5 individual 1 metre units, each of a 2.5 meter height. Faced off in two colorations of rosewood, this beauty dates to the late 1960s to early 1970s. Typical of Hulsta furniture, the units are extremely well made and when linked together create the impression of a complete wall showcasing with an assortment of display, library and doored sections. There is a mixture of closed face, open and glazed units. Some, where necessary, have feature lighting that, as you can see from the photos, makes for a glorious aesthetic and makes a beautiful highlight. This is all delightfully set off with a contemporary brass finished ironmongery handle set, beautifully simple, simply beautiful.
Ref: 00008
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Hulsta Rosewood Lounge Wall

Hulsta Rosewood Lounge Wall

Ref: 00008

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