Why not leave the leg work to us.?

Struggling to find that elusive pièce de résistance?

Look no further! With a keen eye and acute sense of smell, sniffing out or spotting the ‘holy grail’ is what we do best. Our years of experience and extensive contact data base, leaves very little that we will not undertake to discover and procure for you. We relish a challenge and love the pursuit of the unique and rare. Why not put us to the test?


Addicts of the adult treasure hunt.

Buying or selling, we love it all. If you are looking to sell anything (…and we mean anything, as well as everything), please do not hesitate to get in touch. Don’t be afraid to ask, there’s nothing we won’t be interested in giving you an opinion on.


Getting your grubby little mitts on the gems.

Our first choice is always collection in person as it allows us the privilege of meeting our respected clientele. This can be from either North London or Alton, Hampshire. We can sometimes offer our own van delivery, please enquire at the time of purchase.

Obviously, this is not always possible so we prefer it if that being the case, you make your own courier shipping arrangements.

Alternatively, you can request that we handle the shipment delivery on your behalf.  Rest assured that we will only work with the very best and most reputable couriers and shippers specialising in the safe delivery of our precious and cherished loved ones. Please call to discuss your requirements should that need arise.

International deliveries & UK addresses other than mainland UK, please enquire ahead before purchase.

We accept no responsibility in regards to any import duties & taxes that may arise. We ask that all international buyers contact their local customs authorities before shipping.


Should in the unlikely event.

Here at Kingham decorative, our only intention is for you to be totally satisfied and content, if not elated, with the purchase of the treasure we have gained the same emotions and pleasure in the sourcing of.

You must be fully aware that the pieces we offer have had a long, interesting and varied life. Along the way in that journey, they will have encountered many years of happy use and  gained the relative wear and tear associated with that life.

We can guarantee, that wherever possible, we have endeavoured to be as accurate and descriptive as possible accompanying this with high resolution images to support your decision making process when considering a commitment. Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

Fundamentally we would love you to be delighted & treasure your purchase but we ask that you take the factors above into account before you to take on this engagement as we cannot refund on this basis.

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Charlie Kingham showroom: 6 Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QG. Tel: 01420 370095 Email:

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